Norwood Recreation Department
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Field Information

Norwood is experiencing an overwhelming number of requests for field space for many youth and adult sports, with many parks seeing an increase in the number of people, cars, and trash. In order to keep our children and parks safe, we ask that everyone visiting a Norwood park or field follow these guidelines:
  • Pick up trash and dispose of properly. Trash attracts bees and animals.
  • Trash is picked up on Mondays and Fridays. If barrels are full, please remove your trash from the site. Some school sites do not have barrels due to the number of allergies to bees.
  • Report any unsafe field conditions immediately to a league supervisor or to the Recreation Department.
  • Park your vehicle in designated areas only. If parking on the street is necessary, park in a manner that will allow emergency vehicles to access the fields and neighboring homes. Parking in crosswalks and in front of hydrants is illegal and unsafe. Never park on the grass!
All organized groups must have a permit to use a field. Please contact Howard Weinstein at the Civic Center and fill out a field request

DPW Field Responsibility-As we all know, the School Department is responsible for grooming and lining the baseball/softball fields for school games.DPW's objective is to groom the field and install foul lines at the beginning of the week and then before the weekend. Because there are so many fields, DPW will not have time to line batter boxes or pitching circles.In addition, because of many factors, we do not groom and line fields for specific games. That is our objective, however, sometimes we cannot achieve this due to manpower shortages, equipment breakdown, weather and other more pressing needs. Please be assured that the fields are a major focus of the DPW and we are making all efforts to get and keep these fields playable in spite of the long winter.